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Stock Trading in the New Market Millennium


The stock market has been making one of the biggest comebacks in history and a major reason for that is that on-line trading firms such as the Wall Street Trading Room are allowing a whole new demographic of individual investors to make money trading. By combining the latest Internet technology and the most effective stock trading strategy expertise, the Wall Street Trading Room offers the best overall stock trading system today.

The Wall Street Trading Room was created by a top-notch team of individuals combining all the components of expertise to provide a state of the art on-line trading room catering to day traders at every level. With up to the minute live market data and education in stock trading strategies tailored to individual investor needs, we’re proving to help more individuals make more profitable trades than other stock trading systems available today.

Let’s face it, most us are into stock trading to make money and while there are a few who also enjoy the rush, everyone is in it - to win it. But in order to win the game, you must also know how to play it and separate yourself from those who make the mistake of taking the unguided approach ultimately losing their money. Picking winning stocks and making profitable trades involves a lot more strategy than simply picking lottery numbers or playing the slots in Vegas. The good news is that by learning these strategies and using an on-line trading room that gives you full access to perform your own trades, the odds of making money in the stock market are completely in your favor.



Benefits of Online Stock Trading

In the old days before the Internet existed and people actually had to do things the hard way, (in person or over the phone), the only way to invest in the stock market was through a personal stockbroker. Not only did this limit stock trading to a more elite demographic of big businesses and wealthy individuals, it also limited the control that investors had over their own investments. Stockbrokers were the power players that would take either take stock orders or suggest them and then pretty much run the show of actually buying and selling of stocks for their clients. Of course providing these services also meant they could charge major fees as well and while a broker’s expertise can certainly pay off in know hot to pick the winning stocks, their clients often have pay big broker fees up-front regardless of whether they end up making money or not. You had to pay big to play the game and while big businesses and wealthy individuals could certainly afford it, the rest of the population really could not.

Today, the Internet has changed the game and on-line trading rooms such as the Wall Street Trading Room have opened up the playing field to individual investors at every level with many advantages over regular brokerage firms:


Online trading is much more affordable because you’re charged a simple flat rate fee for each transaction, which ends up costing far less than what brokers charge upfront. The pay per transaction model also allows traders to decide when to incur the fees and how much, as opposed to stock trading with regular brokers who usually require a minimum trade amount which forces individuals to trade more than they want, or can even afford.

This freedom of on-line trading has changed the stock market completely and with individual investors now able to profit at their own pace, the regular broker clientele has shrunk to only those making super size quantity stock trades.


Online trading gives investors complete freedom to control every aspect of their investments and personal stock trading strategies. One of the biggest problems in relying on brokers was that it gave them such a hold on the market that they would often even refuse to perform a client’s trade if they didn’t agree with it. While this could certainly benefit a wildcard client from making a lot of costly mistakes, it could also hinder an individual’s stock trading strategy from paying off enormously. Online trading basically gives traders direct access to the stocks they want and full reign over performing all trades.

Real Time Access:

Online trading gives traders immediate access to stock trading systems that allow them to make their own trades in real market time. And when time means money and every second counts, this is the biggest benefit to your bottom line. Cutting out the middleman means cutting down the time consuming process of investor to broker trade execution that often misses the boat at the point of strategy payoff.

The Wall Street Trading Room knows that every second can make or break money making opportunities in the stock market and goes even further to provide the most up-to-date system technology to provide investors a direct portal to the live market. In fact, the Wall Street Trading Room is among the first on-line trading sites to offer individuals exclusive access to the future of trading with the most advanced automated stock trading system available today. Find out more about the new generation of automated stock trading and how Pandela is designed to serve as your very own stock-trading robot giving you the ultimate market advantage.

Strategy is Key To Stock Trading Success

While technology has certainly come a long way in changing who, what, when and how the stock market is played, the most important key factor still remains. In order to succeed at making money in the stock market, you need a winning strategy. A stock trading strategy that covers all key market variables yet tailored to meet your specific individual needs.

In fact, financial experts actually studying the current disparity in wealth among Americans have conceded that investment education is needed to close the gap between stock market “haves” and “have nots” and that its becoming equally if not more important than a college degree for making money in the new millennium. Fortunately learning about investments and stock trading strategies doesn’t require the years of study and the lifetime debt of a college degree. What makes the Wall Street Trading Room exclusive to the majority of other on-line trading sites is that not only does our team combine professional market expertise to provide real education for today’s most proven investment strategies, we offer the efficient and cost-friendly system of learning it.

The Wall Street Trading Room truly believes in providing the education, tools and training that is truly effective at helping our members develop winning strategies for making more profitable trades and ultimately reach their goal of financial freedom. Our business model basically depends on our ability to help you make money, so you can count on us taking every step to meet those objectives. We go above and beyond than the other on-line trading sites mostly sharing the same outdated “text book” stock market strategies that you download as an e-book and pretty much left to figure it out on your own.

Our educational packages combine state of the art technology and professional mentoring to give our clients the real tools of the trade and most winning stock market strategies specific to every individual:

  • One-on-one lessons in trading methodologies that work in today's market and improve performance from your very first day of trading. Every trader is unique and our private classes allow new traders and season traders to succeed and reach their desired goals.
  • Continued training sessions upon completion of one-on-one lessons and total access to all recorded sessions for you to review at anytime.
  • We give you as much or as little training as you need and our professionals are always standing by to answer your questions as well as providing a live trading broadcast to update you on the latest real time market activity.

Just like that saying, “it’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game”, your strategy performance is the secret to making money in today’s stock market. The Wall Street Trading Room combines the best of worlds: A state of the art virtual trading room that gives you exclusive access to the tools and training that is guaranteed to make on-line trading work for you.

See what some of our graduates and trading floor members have to say

member picture

I've been a member in a few trading rooms over the past 2 years, and checked out several more. I have to say that of all the rooms I've seen, this new room is the best. Experienced traders gather here to trade stocks and options, both intra day and swing, and I've never seen a better, more consistent group of traders in any other room. Mark has years of broadcast and chart recognition experience, and Donny has an uncanny ability to find high volume trending stocks every day. Together they are an unbeatable team leading a group of experienced traders on a daily mission to find high probability trades. This room works.

Doug Walraven
member picture

I have been in other trading rooms for several years and now with Mark Melnick and Donny in Wall Street trading room. I am so happy with the calls Mark and makes and his A+ targets. I have been a stock broker in New York and L.A.
I ran a hedge fund for over 20 years.
I wrote a book available on AMZN How to Invest by Instinct.
I am consistently profitable because of Mark and Donny's calls.
If you go to another trading room you are crazy!

Lin Eldridge
member picture

I was doing some stats on win/loss % on my trades that utilized descending resistance breaks, ascending support bounces A+ triggers and gap fills.
Since I have been tracking these trades I have done 187 total trades, 149 profitable and 38 losing trades for a winning percentage of 79.67%
I think this is a pretty amazing win rate and I have to credit you for teaching me the proper way to draw support and resistance lines as well as finding A+ triggers.
Some trades were intraday and some were swings (especially the ascending support bounces which seem to require more time to maximize profits I.E. GS recently).
I sincerely appreciate all your help and education. I truly love charting and trading and of course the financial freedom and security it has afforded my wife and I.
I have used investigated other trading rooms (Shines of course, Pristine and Keene).
I find your methodology much more focused and direct as well as much more effective. I believe Wall Street Trading Room will become a major success with traders simply because of the focused methodology and excellent results.

Dave Wyse
member picture

I found myself out of college and no work so I decided to look at home business and I came in contact with the guys at WSTR I did their education training and so please with them now I'm making a living and paying back my student loans

Shara I, LV, NV
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I'm a single mother in Russia and trying to do best for myself and child I now can support myself and child thanks guys for the education

Klavdiya R
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Just got to say thanks for having a knowledgeable Live Trading Room that helps me everyday see great stock calls and being able to interact with some great Trading Members very strong community keep it up Mark & Donny

Rick, Sacramento, CA
member picture

I'm from Japan and the Trading room has translation languages so I click Japanese and it gives me all the chats in Japanese very nice wallstreettradingroom

Masyuki L, Japan