Automated stock and high frequency trading software

Introducing Pandela™: Today’s Winning Stock Trading Software System Designed For Financial Freedom


The big players on Wall Street figured already figured out how to make money in the market without staring at a computer screen all day and now the Wall Street Trading Room has found a way for individual investors to benefit from High-frequency robot trading and enjoy financial freedom with the best algorithmic stock trading software available on the market today. Find out how you can trade your way to the lifestyle you deserve with the ultimate high frequency trading software designed to do all your trading for you and deliver maximum money making results.

Say hello to Pandela™. She is the Wall Street Trading Room’s official automated trading software system and your personal portal into the new algo-trading millennium. Not only was she designed to provide a multitude of trading options and produce optimal returns within your own personal trading structure, Pandela™ is a highly intelligent automated trading system that works for you 24 hours a day, allowing you more time to play.

Pandela™ was designed by a top-notch team of software engineers and stock trading experts to be the today’s best high performance stock trading software featuring the following prime components:

  • The goal is to achieve a linear, bottom, left to top right equity curve, with as smooth a line as possible
  • Allocates funds into live trades
  • Monitors trends in specific markets
  • Monitors news events for extreme market volatility
  • Monitors risk vs. target reward
  • Monitors profit compounding
  • Profit Factor- goal is to stay above 1.5, the systems consistently stay at, or above 1.75
  • Capital Gain to Loss Ratio- the goal is to achieve a gain to loss ratio that approached 2 to 1, or better. Most of our systems are between 1.7 and 2.5
  • Correlation Coefficient- the goal is to keep any two systems in the portfolio approaching zero on the correlation scale, somewhere between 0.5 and -0.5 is ideal

Pandela™ #1 Rated Automated Stock Trading Software Offering More Benefits Across the Board

Because Pandela™ is engineered to be the best automated stock trading software for individual investors of all levels, her most important feature is that she is easy to use and easy to access from anywhere at anytime. The Wall Street Trading Room also provides one-on-one mentoring to optimize your algorithmic trading software performance with the best stock trading strategies for your needs. From risk settings to the number of products traded, PandeLa can be custom programmed to identify and execute more profitable trades in multiple markets 24 hours a day.

Find out more details about how Pandela™ is specifically designed to provide individual investors the best algorithmic trading software with all the components to protect investment capital and optimize your automated trading strategies for the highest possible success rate:

  • Utilizes the latest stock market intelligence technology to operate with quant physics algorithms, all programmed with a separate stock trading strategy and running simultaneously in the real time market.
  • Custom designed to identify stock trading opportunities and signals from every major market, including ETF’s, Forex, Stocks, Options, Metals, Futures, Commodities, etc. Major Indexes etc.
  • High-performance stock trading robot that can be programmed to perform in spot trades, futures, options and compete in High-frequency trade markets.
  • It pinpoints a profit opportunity as instantly as it appears in real market time and execute trades to succeed your stock trading strategies pinpoint a profit opportunity as instantly as it appears in real market time and execute trades to succeed your stock trading strategies.
  • Allows you to customize setting options for every algorithmic trading strategy and can either execute trades automatically or only with your permission.
  • Chooses and trades the algorithmic trading sequences with real funds, constantly communicating with Electronic Supervisors who assist in allocating and de-allocating live funds to the Electronic Managers.
  • Today’s most personalized automated trading software offering you as much information or data that you require.
  • The most advanced algorithmic trading platform for individuals, assisting in all system configurations and all back testing for up to 2 years for each specific account prior to going live in the markets.
  • Pandela™ is the today’s #1 automated trading software for individual investors, delivering the best market performance and is the easiest to use.

Pandela™ is Today’s Best Algorithmic Trading Software

With all the outstanding features that makes Pandela™ the best algo-trading software available today, Why? Because Pandela™ is built to succeed in every market condition and deliver the desired financial results. Therefore, the Wall Street Trading Room can afford to let our product and expertise speak for itself and make Pandela™ a win-win situation for all.

Wall Street market analysts estimate that by 2015, 98% or more of every market trade will be done by intelligent automated trading systems. But the Wall Street Trading Room already knows that there is no better time than now to get a head a start on the future you’ve always dreamed about. One with financial security and far more time to enjoy all the things that come with it. The stock market can be stressful. Pandela™ takes away all the stress from trading and saves you all the precious time you spend on the computer. Life is short and it’s time to start enjoying it the way you deserve to. That quality time with family and friends, that trip you always wanted to take and all the other activities you enjoy. Sign up today, and see how so many people achieved financial freedom with Pandela™ - today’s best software for automated stock trading and your personal portal into the new millennium of making money.

See what some of our graduates and trading floor members have to say

member picture

I've been a member in a few trading rooms over the past 2 years, and checked out several more. I have to say that of all the rooms I've seen, this new room is the best. Experienced traders gather here to trade stocks and options, both intra day and swing, and I've never seen a better, more consistent group of traders in any other room. Mark has years of broadcast and chart recognition experience, and Donny has an uncanny ability to find high volume trending stocks every day. Together they are an unbeatable team leading a group of experienced traders on a daily mission to find high probability trades. This room works.

Doug Walraven
member picture

I have been in other trading rooms for several years and now with Mark Melnick and Donny in Wall Street trading room. I am so happy with the calls Mark and makes and his A+ targets. I have been a stock broker in New York and L.A.
I ran a hedge fund for over 20 years.
I wrote a book available on AMZN How to Invest by Instinct.
I am consistently profitable because of Mark and Donny's calls.
If you go to another trading room you are crazy!

Lin Eldridge
member picture

I was doing some stats on win/loss % on my trades that utilized descending resistance breaks, ascending support bounces A+ triggers and gap fills.
Since I have been tracking these trades I have done 187 total trades, 149 profitable and 38 losing trades for a winning percentage of 79.67%
I think this is a pretty amazing win rate and I have to credit you for teaching me the proper way to draw support and resistance lines as well as finding A+ triggers.
Some trades were intraday and some were swings (especially the ascending support bounces which seem to require more time to maximize profits I.E. GS recently).
I sincerely appreciate all your help and education. I truly love charting and trading and of course the financial freedom and security it has afforded my wife and I.
I have used investigated other trading rooms (Shines of course, Pristine and Keene).
I find your methodology much more focused and direct as well as much more effective. I believe Wall Street Trading Room will become a major success with traders simply because of the focused methodology and excellent results.

Dave Wyse
member picture

I found myself out of college and no work so I decided to look at home business and I came in contact with the guys at WSTR I did their education training and so please with them now I'm making a living and paying back my student loans

Shara I, LV, NV
member picture

I'm a single mother in Russia and trying to do best for myself and child I now can support myself and child thanks guys for the education

Klavdiya R
member picture

Just got to say thanks for having a knowledgeable Live Trading Room that helps me everyday see great stock calls and being able to interact with some great Trading Members very strong community keep it up Mark & Donny

Rick, Sacramento, CA
member picture

I'm from Japan and the Trading room has translation languages so I click Japanese and it gives me all the chats in Japanese very nice wallstreettradingroom

Masyuki L, Japan