Algorithmic (algo-, automated) trading strategies

Welcome to the Future of Algorithmic Trading


Did you know the most successful Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, etc. are making the majority of their profits with Automated Trading? For years these companies have been reaping the benefits by monopolizing the markets with exclusive access to computerized Algorithmic Trading platforms able to operate 24 hours a day with virtually no human interaction.

But that is all about to change because the Wall Street Trading Room is offering you exclusive access to the most advanced, customized automated trading system available to independent investors today. Her name is Pandela™ and she was custom designed by our top-notch team of engineers to be your personalized portal into the Algorithmic trading revolution that is already taking place.

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Automated Trading is a computerized trading system that uses electronic platforms to automatically identify and execute pre-programmed trading orders with variables such as timing, price or quantity of the order. Auto-trading is also known as Algorithmic Trading or Robot Trading because automated trading software programs use a built in algorithm (or robot), able to execute the trading instructions independent of human interaction and at a much higher frequency than any human will ever be capable of.

Automated Trading Systems are programmed with 5 Key Components:

Data process

Accessing and cleaning all relevant data (financial, economic, social) that will be used in automated trading process

Pre-trade analysis

Analyzing properties of assets and current market data/events to identify trade opportunities

Trade signal generation

Uses pre-trade analysis to identify and accumulate portfolio of assets, establishing what and when to trade

Trade execution

Executing orders based on selected assets and trading instructions

Post-trade analysis

Analyzing results of trading activity, (i.e. the price difference between when the buy/sell decision was made and when the trade was actively executed)

The big banks and hedge firms have been utilizing this five component automated trading process for years and proving it to be superior to even the most advanced professional broker expertise, consistently earning higher profits in multiple markets even when everyone else sees the market conditions decline.

Automated Trading for Individual Investors

The great news is that now algo-trading systems are becoming available for individual investors to implement their own auto trading strategies specifically suited to their own stock trading needs. In fact, market statistics indicate that people are already jumping on the opportunity with a dramatic increase in auto trading over the past year. Not only did the BSE report an increase from 19.06% in July 2013 to 28.77% in July 2014, the influx of algorithmic traders has also been driving up the Sensex volumes and showing that algo-trading strategies are taking force with nearly a fifth of the overall market turnover.

Chief technology officer at ICICI Securities says that he’s seeing this trend first hand and expects it continue even stronger. “The demand from through the direct-market-access route and algo logic has been on the rise. Considering the current market performance and the improvement in the market sentiment, the number of clients opting for algo trading is expected to go up further,” he explains.

In fact, market analysts estimate that by 2015, 98% or more of trades in every market will be done by algorithmic trading systems. In other words, anyone who wants to continue to make money trading, needs the ultimate competitive edge of adapting automated trading into their stock trading strategies and the Wall Street Trading Room is giving you that opportunity now.

Find out why Pandela is today’s best automated trading platform, designed to make financial freedom a reality for individual investors.

The Ultimate Algo-Trading Advantage

Just as technology has vastly improved efficiency in almost every other area of our lives, a well-designed automated trading platform can be programmed with trading strategies to perform more profitable trades and deliver optimal results. It will execute trades at rapid fire speed without human emotion or physical limitations impeding the bottom line. Not only do you gain numerous market advantages with an auto-trading robot that far exceeds our human capacity to identify opportunities and simultaneously execute trades high in multiple markets, it works independently around the clock allowing you that much more time away from the computer to enjoy a much better quality of life.

Obviously the benefits of a self-operating personal trading assistant are contingent upon the accuracy and efficiency of its capabilities to perform in every market condition. In fact, a poorly designed auto trading system can have disastrous results and potentially cause investors to lose more money than they’d ever risk on their own. Therefore, it’s crucial to have complete faith in the algo-trading system that is essentially handling your personal investments and the best way to determine this is the company’s willingness to stand by their product.

Diversification to your portfolio

Our system can be programmed to trade in multiple markets from Stocks, Options and Forex, automatically pinpointing opportunities and executing trades for you.

Detailed Instructions to pre-program every trading strategy

Our automated stock-trading platform allows you to implement the best algorithmic trading strategies and customize every fine detail of your personal trading needs.

Accurate Analysis to ensure higher profits and more protection of investments

Our high-performance auto-trading system constantly assesses all data points to quickly identify, confirm and re-calculate strategies for the most profitable trades and highest account protection.

Profitable Trading ensured in every market condition

Our algo-trading operating system is designed to identify all imperative market trends, cycles and volatility, and automatically position itself for optimal performance in all market environments.

So if you’ve always dreamed about making more money and having more time to enjoy it, get on the road to making it your reality right now.

See what some of our graduates and trading floor members have to say

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I've been a member in a few trading rooms over the past 2 years, and checked out several more. I have to say that of all the rooms I've seen, this new room is the best. Experienced traders gather here to trade stocks and options, both intra day and swing, and I've never seen a better, more consistent group of traders in any other room. Mark has years of broadcast and chart recognition experience, and Donny has an uncanny ability to find high volume trending stocks every day. Together they are an unbeatable team leading a group of experienced traders on a daily mission to find high probability trades. This room works.

Doug Walraven
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I have been in other trading rooms for several years and now with Mark Melnick and Donny in Wall Street trading room. I am so happy with the calls Mark and makes and his A+ targets. I have been a stock broker in New York and L.A.
I ran a hedge fund for over 20 years.
I wrote a book available on AMZN How to Invest by Instinct.
I am consistently profitable because of Mark and Donny's calls.
If you go to another trading room you are crazy!

Lin Eldridge
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I was doing some stats on win/loss % on my trades that utilized descending resistance breaks, ascending support bounces A+ triggers and gap fills.
Since I have been tracking these trades I have done 187 total trades, 149 profitable and 38 losing trades for a winning percentage of 79.67%
I think this is a pretty amazing win rate and I have to credit you for teaching me the proper way to draw support and resistance lines as well as finding A+ triggers.
Some trades were intraday and some were swings (especially the ascending support bounces which seem to require more time to maximize profits I.E. GS recently).
I sincerely appreciate all your help and education. I truly love charting and trading and of course the financial freedom and security it has afforded my wife and I.
I have used investigated other trading rooms (Shines of course, Pristine and Keene).
I find your methodology much more focused and direct as well as much more effective. I believe Wall Street Trading Room will become a major success with traders simply because of the focused methodology and excellent results.

Dave Wyse
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I found myself out of college and no work so I decided to look at home business and I came in contact with the guys at WSTR I did their education training and so please with them now I'm making a living and paying back my student loans

Shara I, LV, NV
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I'm a single mother in Russia and trying to do best for myself and child I now can support myself and child thanks guys for the education

Klavdiya R
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Just got to say thanks for having a knowledgeable Live Trading Room that helps me everyday see great stock calls and being able to interact with some great Trading Members very strong community keep it up Mark & Donny

Rick, Sacramento, CA
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I'm from Japan and the Trading room has translation languages so I click Japanese and it gives me all the chats in Japanese very nice wallstreettradingroom

Masyuki L, Japan